Advantages of Griffing’s door handles

To convey the advantages of the product to the buyer, a quality product needs an educated sales manager. In our quest to inspire your confidence in Griffing handles, we have assembled some crucial technical information.


High quality stainless steel for durable appearance


Manufacturers use a combination of materials for many reasons, such as faster manufacturing times and simpler production. At Griffing, we do not compromise. We make use of only high quality stainless steel A2 (1.4301/1.4305) or A4 (1.4404). Combination of structural strength and acid resistance is unparalleled in the world of building materials, giving our handles a practically infinite life span. They will also keep a spotless visual appeal for generations with minimal maintenance.


Not all tubes are made equal


A high quality handle begins with a good tube. First of all, we select materials on the basis of a certified bill of properties. We need close relationships with manufacturers; this is the main reason why we only work with the best European providers. Upon arrival, all materials are inspected for compliance, but it is only at the end, during the course of surface finishing, that the true quality of the material is revealed. When the top layer of the material is brushed off, tiny pores may be revealed, which remain after imperfect casting. Such material can look fine upon first inspection, but will begin to stain over time. Griffing’s surface finishing team is well trained in detecting such blemishes and immediately deals with any faulty material. Tube selection is the foundation of our consistent quality.


All you need is one good screw thread


For easier manufacturing, many manufacturers fill the tube with aluminium or brass and machine the thread through the filled material. These mixed materials are much softer than stainless steel, which makes for a weaker thread. This is why many use two thread pins per handle mount, and why handles tend to loosen with time.


Griffing handles are all-stainless steel, which is why only one thread per mount is needed, giving our handles a much cleaner look. Also, our thread pins use a special coating that enables good tightening, so handles stay stable for a long time.

Precision mount for a solid door handle


A stable door handle needs an accurately manufactured mount. Any free play between handle components is compounded, resulting in a sloppy fit. Such handles are prone to wobbliness, as thread pins loosen with use, resulting in increased maintenance, and, in extreme cases, possible door damage.


Our mounts are CNC machined in-house, according to the high standards of the automotive industry. This guarantees a precise fit of components, straightforward installation and increased product satisfaction.


Material thickness matters


Material thickness plays a crucial role in door quality. Thicker tubes do not bend when handling door, giving them a more solid feel. Thicker tubes also enable better grinding and eliminate welding holes around the top of the handle. Thinner wall thicknesses, such as 1 mm or even 0.8 mm cause the tube to bend easily, making the handle surface more susceptible to damage. We use strong, 1.5 mm tubes as standard, and even thicker ones for special cases.


Upgrade with mirror polishing


Mirror polished stainless steel enhances appearance and reduces bacterial adhesion when used in sanitary applications. Proper polishing prevents the tiny furrows that are present on regular surface finishes – thus minimising the adhesion of microscopic elements, and increasing corrosion resistance. This is one of the reasons why this treatment is commonly used in the nautical industry, where the conditions for metal persistence are extremely demanding.


Preforming a good mirror polish is a demanding task, since it reveals imperfections in the workpiece in the form of wavy reflections. Griffing employs dedicated polishing experts for the task, ensuring that the end product is always of prime quality.


Grinding to perfection

Surface finish is a big part of the stainless steel aesthetic. Uneven edges and wavy surfaces are common in the market, which usually chases the lowest possible price.


At Griffing, we understand that every irregularity will be seen by the end consumer every time they enter the door for the rest of their lives. This is why Griffing takes special care to precisely grind surfaces and edges. Our experienced team details handles on specialised grinding machines, ensuring that each and every product is finished to our very high standard.


Integrated support and development


We develop and produce all handles in-house, which enables the best cooperation with our customers. As a growing company, we are always pushing for improved and novel products, with an open ear for your comments and suggestions.


Please contact our team if you are curious to know more.

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