Benefits of stainless steel door handles for external doors

Stainless steel is due to its benefits used not only for door handles, but also for a wide variety of other industries. While door handles and its hardware can be made of different materials, such as brass, aluminium, copper and others, stainless steel shows the best resistance. Stainless steel door handle for external door is due to its durability and aesthetic look the finest option for your door which increases quality. If you wonder what are the main benefits of stainless steel door handles for external doors, read further.

What makes steel stainless?

Stainless steel contains iron, chromium, manganese, silicon, carbon and, in many cases, nickel and molybdenum. As metallurgical engineer Michael L. Free explained, all stainless steel contains at least 10 percent chromium, which plays a dominant role in reacting with oxygen to form corrosion product film. This stable film acts as a barrier that limits oxygen and water access to the underlying metal surface. Oxygen from forming bonds, therefore, cannot bond with iron and prevents rusting.

Corrosion resistance

Stainless steel door handles for external doors, exposed to longer contact with water and moist air, don’t rust if they have an adequate material and are occasionally maintained. For faster manufacturing times and simple production many manufacturers use combination of different non-ferrous materials, such as aluminium and brass. In such products electrochemical integration between different metals is ignored, which is a disadvantage in the formation of a galvanic link between the parent metals and thus exposure to the processes of structure destruction of the materials used.

Non-ferrous metals in door handle oxidize in the air and transmit it to other nearby parts, which results in corrosion. That’s why it’s important to produce even screw thread, thread pin, mount, tube and other essential parts for a door handle from stainless steel. Properly processed stainless steel door handles are corrosion free and don’t rust. In fact, even in moist and salty environment they don’t rust, but need to have better, more resistant stainless steel.

Aesthetic appeal

Whereas, for example, a brass door handle that has been lacquered may fade or start to change colour over time, stainless steel door handle preserves its appearance. If properly surface treated, stainless steel door handles have exquisite shape and noble look, while carefully grinded surfaces and edges significantly contribute to product perfection. The supernatural shine of stainless steel is more than obvious to the human eye, as it is one of the most commonly used materials in domestic and social environments. Silver perfection seems to be constantly fashionable, and it’s easy to complement it with other accessories on the doors, such as stainless steel rosettes, hooks, locks, house numbers or the decorative elements of a modern home portal.

Long-lasting durability

Stainless steel as an extremely strong metal maintains structural stability and is more shockproof to surfaces. Stainless steel gives door handles have practically infinite life span. Durability and its long-lasting lifetime often make a door handle “the icing on your door”.

Minimal maintenance 

While other materials require special maintenance and care when choosing cleaners, stainless steel door handles for external doors keep exceptional visual appeal and are easy to clean. The use of soap, water or mild detergent is best recommended when cleaning stainless steel door handles. You can also use other cleaners, but they should not contain aggressive and abrasive ingredients. The use of chlorine cleaners, such as bleach, cleaning powders and various oven cleaners is not recommended. The stainless steel door handles can be best cleaned with the soft side of a cleaning sponge or cloth, but certainly not with steel wool or metallic scourers. Regardless of the fact that stainless steel door handles require minimal maintenance, it’s still recommended to clean them at least once per month.

Hygienic surface

One of the reasons stainless steel door handles are hygienic is because the material generally doesn’t have pores. Bacteria with dirt rarely survive, while door handles are easily disinfected. Due to this benefit, stainless steel door handles are usually used on doors in sanitary and hygiene conditions. Even surgical tools and medical equipment are usually made of it, because of its ability to be sterilized and durable. Properly mirror polished stainless steel door handles are even more hygienic and can be successfully persistent in though environments.

Recyclable material

In days of environmental issues stainless steel can emerge as an excellent recyclable material. Did you know that it is 100 % recyclable and that 60 % of new stainless steel comes from an old one that has already been recycled? The purchase of stainless steel door handles, therefore, helps to protect the environment and reduces waste.

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