Delutech-Vision Line S class – square

Is the Vision Line door handle also available without inserts?  

Yes, of course. The insert can be produced by a door manufacturer from a chosen 3 mm thick material. Customers wanting their own insert on the door handle are provided with a plan showing the dimensions of the insert, so they can arrange its cutting and fixing on their own.

The difference between Vision Line C class and Vision Line S class-Griffing

What is the difference between the C and S class Vision Line door handles?

The main difference between the two are the endings; C class door handles have open ends, while S class door handles are rounded. The dimensions also vary. Vision Line C class handles measure 48 x 9 mm, while S class handles measure 58 x 10 mm. In terms of design, the S class is more ornate, artistic and massive, C class is more modern, clean and slim.

Can Vision Line door handles have 45-degree mounts?

We do not currently offer Vision Line door handles with 45-degree mounts, but we can develop them in case of increased demand.

What are the maximum dimensions of the door handles?

The Economy Line and Vision Line have certain standard dimensions, while the Prime Line allows you to determine the length of the door handle.

Does the selection include embedded door handles?

The embedded door handle is in the initial phase of development. We invite you to actively cooperate in order for us to obtain basic information about the needs on the market (shapes, problems with the existing door handles, suggestions for improvement).

Prime Line CVU-Griffing-500x500

Are only offer powder coated door handles and door levers available?

We offer powder coating and Physical Vapour Deposition only for shorter elements, and the price is individually defined. These procedures are performed by our subcontractors and the delivery time is slightly longer due to painting.


Which manufacturers of fingerprint scanners do we collaborate with?

We are currently working with ekey slovenija and Navkom, but fingerprint scanners produced by other manufacturers can also be installed into our door handles. In this case, when ordering, we shall also need a sample scanner and other necessary information to properly adapt the door handle.

Inox external door handles with fingerprint scanner and 45-degree mount-Griffing

Can fingerprint scanners be installed into the door handles with 45-degree fastener?



Do LED lights come in the form of strips and how are they fitted into the door handle?

Yes, we use LED strips; however, the strips are custom made for Griffing as ordinary LED strips are not of sufficient quality to be used on door handles. The LED strip is always fitted from one mount to the other so that it does not come off at the extremities. The strips are recessed into the door handle so that users cannot tear or damage them when gripping the door handle. The LED strip is also tightened with door handle mounts. LED strips emit a cool white light (6500 Kelvin with a power rating of 2 Watts per meter).

Can LED lights also be fitted into round door handles?

Yes, LED lights are available for all door handle models except the Economy Line.

What is the procedure for changing LED strips?

Our LED lights have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, but replacing them is easy in case of damage or malfunction. The door handle is disassembled and a new strip is attached. The whole process is easy and convenient.

LED lights cables integrated into inox external door handles-Griffing

What about cables for LED lights?

A 12 or 24 Volt power supply for LED lights is provided with a JST RCY connector for the LED lights. The customer receives both parts of the connector as well as an additional 50 cm of cable.


Which fasteners are included in price and which are optional?

For each type of door, you receive a universal fastener at no extra charge. However, special fasteners are optional and carry an extra cost.

What about fastening screws on aluminium profiles?

For universal straight fasteners that are provided with a door handle, the customers insert their own screw as our experience has shown that they use different types (M8, M6, wood screws etc.).

For 45-degree fasteners, we provide a screw made of hardened, galvanized steel (tempered steel) as tests have proven that this is the most suitable for both aluminium and PVC profiles (the screw is fitted into the steel reinforcement of the door panel). For aluminium profiles, we also offer top-quality dedicated fasteners: VRA, VRS, and VPA.

Are the screws provided with 45-degree fasteners also suitable for 90-degree fasteners?

No, these screws are too short for straight fasteners.

How are the mount and handle joined?

The mount and handle are screwed together; it is possible to adjust the mount by 2 mm.


Are the screws provided with 45-degree fasteners also suitable for 90-degree fasteners?

No, these screws are too short for straight fasteners.

Are all door levers either left or right-handed or are there also universal door levers?

Because of the hidden screws (on the underside) all of our door levers are either left or right-handed. It is not recommended to switch the screws from left-handed to right-handed door levers, and vice versa, as there is glue on them, preventing the parts of the door lever from loosening.


Are door lever compatible with all rosettes?

Yes, but we recommend matching the design.

Rosettes for spindles and the length from door panel mechanism and the dimension of the spindle-Griffing

Do spindles vary in length?

Yes. When you place your order we ask for information about the distance between the mechanism and the door panel (letter L on the picture) and the dimensions of the spindle (letter X on the picture) to provide the correct spindle. We can also send you a technical bulletin with more detailed information.


Are oval rosettes also included in the selection?

The oval rosette is in the initial phase of development. We invite you to cooperate in order for us to obtain basic information about the needs on the market.

Griffing'd rosettes for locks

Some manufacturers produce glued rosettes. If such front doors are exposed to the sun and the temperature is high, the glue might dissolve. How do you deal with this problem?

Typically, rosettes are glued on the inner side of the front door, while we recommend fitting the rosettes with a screwed base (usually security rosettes) on the outer side of the front door. At Griffing, we have tested a number of adhesives for the purpose of gluing rosettes and selected the best one currently available on the market. The strength of our rosette adhesive is comparable to the adhesives used for gluing decorative stainless steel sheets onto door panels and is therefore expected to be durable.


Do these products have a warranty?

We are in the process of defining official warranty conditions. In the meantime we can easily resolve any complaints.

How long are the delivery times?

The policy on delivery times can be found here.