Prilagodljiva razdalja med nosilci ročajev-Adjustable distance between pull handle mounts-Griffing
For customers   06/09/2021

Adjustable distance between screwed pull handle mounts

The distance between our screwed pull handle mounts can be adjustable, which is an advantage in the market. To enable fast assembly, handles are delivered with mounts fully tightened in fine tolerance. However, when needed, mounts can be adjusted. The procedure is simple and shown in the video.

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Novi CPO nosilci za ročaje z elektrifikacijo-kvadratni-Griffing
For customers   18/08/2021

New mounts for electrified door handles

Griffing's development team is launching a revolutionary novelty on the market, new CPO mounts for electrified door handles. There is no such solution on the market yet, and it means a great deal of simplification for front door manufacturers and retailers/suppliers.

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Griffing ročaji in kljuke za vhodna vrata vzorci - Griffing case with samples door handles and door levers -transparent
For customers   10/06/2021

Order a case with Griffing samples of door handles and door levers

Your customer is deciding for a Griffing door handle or door lever and before he makes a decision, he wants to see the product in person. A convenient and quick solution is a case with Griffing samples.

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Personalizacija ročajev za vhodna vrata - Personalized door handles for entrance doors - Griffing
For customers   15/04/2021

Personalisation of front door handles and custom manufacturing

Many manufacturers draw the line when it comes to personalisation of front door handles and custom manufacturing. At Griffing, we accommodate the needs of our customers in two ways: by producing customised front door handles, and by personalising our standard offer.

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Poimenovanje inox ročajev za vhodna vrata - Codes and names of inox front door handles
For customers   23/10/2020

Get to know the names and codes of Griffing front door handles

Codes, names and different product labels can be confusing. Each manufacturer designates a naming system for their products, which most...

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Inox ročaji za vhodna vrata in njihove prednosti - Griffing's inox external door handles and their advantages
For customers   25/03/2020

Advantages of Griffing’s door handles

To convey the advantages of the product to the buyer, a quality product needs an educated sales manager. In our quest to inspire your confidence in Griffing handles, we have assembled some crucial technical information.

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