We offer two models that fit most door frames and are already used on more than 50,000 front doors. The universal spring latch is assembled directly on the front door, while the u-rail faceplate spring latch is assembled under the faceplate.



Universal spring latch and spring latch for u-rail faceplate eliminate problems caused by the pull or push mechanism affecting only the electric lock or a combination of an electric lock and a weak latch. When such front doors are locked, they are held in place by the lock itself, but when unlocked and closed, only the spring keeps them in this position. Modern front doors often have large and heavy panels, so the existing system is not strong enough. As a result, the front door blows open with the wind, causing damage to the wall and door, or even hurting people.

This problem can be solved with both universal spring latch and spring latch for u-rail faceplate, allowing us to set the force that holds the front door panel to ensure that there are regularly no sudden openings due to gusts of wind that could cause damage.

The advantages of our spring latches are:

  • they are suitable for the front door profiles of various manufacturers
  • they help to keep the front door closed and consequently avoids damage due to forceful swinging
  • the force with which the front door panel is held in place is adjustable