As the name suggests, Prime Line Diamond door handles stand out because of their diamond shape. They can be combined with square mounts or mounts that allow the installation of a fingerprint scanner. They come in eight standard sizes, but can be customised to your needs. You may choose from a variety of fasteners (90° or 45°) for individual door profiles. They can also be fitted with a fingerprint scanner and especially stand out with LED lights. Different surface treatments are possible, from polished to powder coated. Standard door handles come with a satinised or matte treatment. Based on your preferences, they can be custom-made and thus completely personalised.


The configurator lists the technical characteristics in order, and these are used to create the final code. It is created by opening the configurator and following the order when transcribing the codes of different parts:

  • STYLE: Diamon shape.
  • MOUNTS: Five types of mounts can be used with the Prime Line Diamond. For a vertical mount, the possible choices are KN90 (90° square mount) and CPO90 (90° mount, which supports a fingerprint scanner CPO and LED lights); and the possible choices for an angular mounts are KN45, CPO45D (45° right mount, which supports a fingerprint scanner and LED lights), and CPO45L (45° left mount, which supports a fingerprint scanner and LED lights).
  • MEASUREMENTS: Eight standard measurements are available (600 mm to 2000 mm), but customised measurements are also possible.
  • FASTENERS: Then one of the fasteners based on the material is chosen. Only VRU, VRO, VPU and VPO fasteners are possible with a PVC panels. The configurator legend below the fasteners shows, which fastener is most suitable for a specific material. In case of two-sided fasteners (VRO, VPO), a suitable fastener length based on the thickness of the door panel (40 / 60 / 80 / 100 mm) must also be chosen.
  • FINGERPRINT SCANNER CPO: To add a fingerprint scanner, the position of the scanner and the name of the manufacturer (ekey, Navkom or other manufacturer ) must be included in the code. The scanner can be mounted on the front side (CF) or back side (CB).
  • LIGHTING: To add an LED strip, the abbreviation ‘LED’ must be added.
  • SURFACE: The universal standard treatment is matte; special codes must be added to choose a polished finish (SP), powder coating in black (SB) or powder coating in other RAL colours (SRAL).
Prime Line Diamond configurator of stainless steel (inox) pull handles door handles for front doors - Griffing

The code of a Prime Line Bold front door handle per our latest catalogue would look like this: GKA-KN90-L2000-VRO-SRAL5015, which means a diamond shape handle with a 90° square mount, a handle length of 2000 mm, a VRO fastener, and powder coated surface treatment in RAL colour 5015.


Griffingov ročaj GKA-KN-45 iz linije Prime Line-inox ročaji za vhodna vrata
Griffingov ročaj GKA-KN iz linije Prime Line-inox ročaji za vhodna vrata