Vision Line S class premium door handles stand out with their rounded endings and modern inserts. The stainless steel (inox) frame may be adorned with inserts made of wood, aluminium, glass or your own materials or prints. Next you choose the type of mount and handle dimensions. The size can be modified to suit your needs. Finally, the right mount for your door profile must be selected. Door handles can be upgraded with a fingerprint scanner and LED lights.


The configurator lists the technical characteristics in order, and these are used to create the final code. It is created by opening the configurator and following the order when transcribing the codes of different parts:

  • STYLE: S class has rounded endings. When a style is chosen, a decorative insert is added. Different materials and colours are available:
    • WOAK: Wood, oak
    • WWAL: Wood, walnut
    • AB: Aluminium, black
    • ARAL: Aluminium and RAL colour number
    • GB: Glass, black
    • GRAL: Glass and RAL colour number
    • GP: Glass with a digital custom print
    • N: Empty or your custom material
  • MOUNTS: Vision Line mounts can be combined with three different mounts: KN90 (90° square mount), CPO90 (90° mount which supports a fingerprint scanner and LED lights), and EX90 (90° executive mount, which supports LED lights).
  • MEASUREMENTS: Only standard measurements are available. The number of mounts depends on the length of the door handle (handles that are longer than 1 m, always have three mounts and 2200 mm handles have four mounts).
  • FASTENERS: Then one of the fasteners based on the material of the door panel is chosen. Only VRUS, VRSS, VRMS and VROS fasteners are possible with glass door panels. The configurator legend below the fasteners shows, which fastener is most suitable for a specific material. In case of two-sided fasteners, a suitable fastener length must be chosen based on the thickness of the door panel (40 / 60 / 80 / 100 mm).
  • FINGERPRINT SCANNER: If a door handle model with a fingerprint scanner is chosen, the name of the manufacturer must be added (ekey, Navkom or other manufacturer).
  • LIGHTING: To fit the door handle with LED strips, the abbreviation ‘LED’ must be added.
Vision Line configurator of stainless steel (inox) pull handles door handles for front doors - Griffing

The code of a Prime Line Bold frot door handle per our latest catalogue would look like this: VSWAL-CPO90-L1250-VRA-NAVKOM-LED which stands for a Vision Line door handle with rounded endings (S class), walnut insert, 90° mount with a fingerprint scanner CPO and LED lights, a handle length of 1250 mm, a VRA fastener a Navkom fingerprint scanner and LEDs.

If the Vision Line door handle does not include any additions, the code would look like this: VSAB-KN90-L1150-VRU, which means a Vision Line door handle with rounded endings (S class), a black aluminium insert, a 90° square mount, a handle length of 1150 mm and a VRU fastener.