The most effective display of products

  • Boost your sales

    Effective promotional tool

  • The display of actual products

    Feel and see the quality of workmanship

  • Bespoke boards

    Select Griffing products for your boards

  • Installation options

    Wall-mounted or free-standing

  • Decorative touch

    Let your showroom shine

  • Close more deals

    Your customer won’t be overwhelmed by too much choice

Demo pano


  • Dimensions and material

    660 mm x 2200 mm

    Particle board

  • Finish and colour



    Black matt

  • Installation options

    Wall-mounted: boards are fixed to the wall

    Free-standing: boards are connected with hinges, forming a rectangular, triangular or polygonal installation


You can choose the products from our product range that you would like to include in the display. Examples of the following displays were made for a particular customer who has such handles and levers in their sales program.


No, sample display boards are not free of charge. Regular customers of Griffing are eligible to receive an additional 20% discount on top of their usual discount on the purchase of product display boards and product samples (for example: if your usual discount is 20%, an extra 20% discount is added).

The delivery time is around a month and a half if there are no special requests on the customer’s side. In the case of a large number of orders, the delivery time may be longer.

You can choose the products from our product range that you would like to include in the display, and we can offer you professional advice about the layout.

For pull handle display, 3 handles per board is recommended. Whereas, the number of door levers and other products can be tailored to your needs.

No, we only offer 2,200 x 660 mm display boards.

Send an email to sales@griffing.si or to your Griffing Key Account Manager, providing information about the number of requested display boards, the selected installation option (wall-mounted or free-standing) and a list of chosen product samples. We will then send a sample layout for you to approve. Once the proposed layout is approved and payment is received, the sample display boards will be made.

We do not offer display boards made of other materials, however other custom colours are available. In this case an extra charge and longer delivery time are expected.

We do not recommend removing the hinges from the boards. Installing the hinges back on the boards once they are removed can cause problems. It is possible that the hinges will not fit and the stability of the boards can be compromised.

Yes. In this case, the product samples are prepared and sent to you, so that you can install them on the display board of your choice.

The display board can be replaced with a new one at any time, and it is possible to replace a single product sample, provided that the fastener on the new product sample is the same as the one on the original sample.

If your delivery address is in Slovenia, the display boards will be delivered free of charge. If your delivery address is elsewhere, then you will have to order and pay for the delivery yourself in accordance with the EXW parity.