Kako da nekateri ročaji iz nerjavečega jekla inox rjavijo - Why some stainless steel door handles rust - Griffing
Blog   16/06/2021

How is it possible for a stainless steel door handle to start corroding?

Of all materials, stainless steel is the most resistant to corrosion. However, this does not mean that corrosion can never occur. The best expert manufacturers of door handles, who know what they are doing, will do everything possible to not let you walk away with a door handle susceptible to corrosion.

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Najkakovostnejše vpetje za poševne ročaje - The highest quality fastener on the market for 45-degree door handles - Griffing
Blog   24/03/2021

The highest quality fasteners on the market for 45-degree door handles

The most known system of 45-degree fastening is good and simple but is not the best quality, because it neglects important physical characteristics. Meet the highest quality fastener for 45-degree door handles and see how benefit to the door handle and front door sturdiness.

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Ročaji z zlatim rezom za večjo konstrukcijsko trdnost vhodnih vrat-Griffing
Blog   20/01/2021

How can door handles that follow the golden ratio contribute to the structural strength of a front door?

Do you know the feeling you get when you look at nature, photographs or buildings and like them straight away?...

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Trendi vhodnih vrat in ročajev v 2021
Blog   07/12/2020

Front door and door handle trends for 2021

Every year, manufacturers of front doors and door handles wish to offer something new, modern, distinctive and user-friendly. In 2021 we will witness a large emergence of products and solutions for smart homes. Trends are also set by the manufacturers of door handles.

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Griffing_Türgriffe für Eingangstüren nach Maß gefertigt werden_Edelstahl_Rostfrei - custom made door handles
Blog   22/10/2020

Can front door handles be custom made?

You have a top-quality front door, all you need is a door handle that will accentuate its elegance. You are reviewing offers and realise that you are actually looking for something different, something special. But... is it even possible to acquire a bespoke door handle?

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Korozijska odpornost inox ročajev za vhodna vrata - Corrosion resistance of inox door handles for front doors - Korrosionsbeständigkeit Edelstahl-Türgriffe für Eingangstür - Griffing
Blog   23/09/2020

Salt spray test results: corrosion protection of inox door hardware

The salt spray chamber test is a method of evaluating various anti-rust treatments. Download the test results and find out what impacts the corrosion protection the most.

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Nega in vzdrževanje inox ročaji za vhodna vrata - maintenance of inox door handles - Griffing
Blog   30/04/2020

Care and maintenance of stainless steel (inox) door handles and door levers

High-quality stainless steel (inox) door handles and door levers maintain an exceptional visual appeal, give an impression of cleanliness and...

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Nega in vzdrževanje inox ročaji za vhodna vrata - maintenance of inox door handles - Griffing
Blog   01/04/2020

Benefits of stainless steel door handles for entrance doors

Stainless steel is due to its benefits used not only for door handles, but also for a wide variety of other industries. While door handles and its hardware can be made of different materials, such as brass, aluminium, copper and others, stainless steel shows the best resistance.

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