Installation instructions for handles

Adjustable distance between door handle mounts

The distance between our screwed pull handle mounts can be adjustable, which is an advantage in the market. The adjustable distance helps you when you make a mistake when drilling the doors. To enable fast assembly, pull handles are delivered with mounts fully tightened in fine tolerance. However, when needed, mounts can be adjusted. The procedure is simple and shown in the video below.


  • To set handle correctly, you must unscrew mount bolt with imbus 5 few turns, than slightly tighten it, so it can move with a bit of force – it must not move freely. Repeat procedure on all mounts.
  • Handle is set by pressing it onto the door. Some force must be used, be carefull not to damage the panel. Fasteners must be already bolted to the door.
  • Mounts must be aligned parallel to the handle at this point. Remove handle carefully  so the mounts stay in place.
  • Bolt mounts with full force imbus size 5. We recommend screwing and tightening with a force of 10 Nm.
  • Carefully put the handle back on. If set correctly, the fit will be smooth. In case of bad or unparallel fit, set the mounts again.
  • Both mounts are held to the fastener by set screw imbus size 3.