• The strongest link of the front door

    Of all the front door components, the door lever is the most exposed part, which we took into account in the development process. Due to frequent use weaknesses start showing here before anywhere else, and instead of being the strongest link of the front door, it becomes the weakest one, leaving you with expensive and unnecessary servicing.

  • No compromise on material choice

    Unlike our competitors we do not compromise when choosing materials, thus ensuring the highest possible quality and corrosion resistance. Griffing door levers are produced entirely from high-quality stainless steel.

  • Compact construction for a firm feel without wobbling

    In addition to the best material available and superior surface treatment, the advantage of our door levers lies in their compact construction. The built-in ball bearing in spindle ensures lasting stability and smooth rotation, while an additional strong spring contributes to a firm feeling when pressing the door lever. When properly installed, these design features prevent the door levers from wobbling. As a result, their lifespan is longer and the door feels particularly solid.

  • Proper grinding and superior surface treatment

    Along with technical advantages, we also pay special attention to surface treatment and proper grinding, as we are aware that any surface defect will be visible to the consumer for the rest of their life. Our team uses specialised grinding machines to ensure that every detail is perfect, rendering a flawless and visually appealing door lever.

The strongest link of the front door

Griffing door lever
Griffing spindles
Griffing escutcheons for lock

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