Čiščenje ročaji iz nerjavečega jekla - Care and maintenance stainless steel door handles - Griffing

High-quality stainless steel (inox) door handles and door levers maintain an exceptional visual appeal, give an impression of cleanliness and are in fact easy to clean compared to other materials. Nevertheless, to prolong their lifespan and aesthetic appeal, we recommended regular care and maintenance.

Stainless steel door handles and door levers

We recommend using soap, water or mild detergent to clean stainless steel door handles, door levers and other inox front door parts. It is best to clean them with the soft side of a cleaning sponge or a cloth and then wipe them dry. The suggested cleaning interval is once a month or more often in humid and high-salt environments. Satinised (matte finish) door handles must always be wiped in the same direction as the patterns and grinding. Polished door handles, however, can be treated with polishing agents to maintain an intense shine over the years.

The use of abrasive and aggressive substances is not recommended for stainless steel door handles, as they can damage the surface, leave scratches or cause corrosion. If the door handle comes in contact with strong acids or abrasive substances, immediately rinse it with a large amount of clean water. If in doubt about whether the cleaning agent is suitable, test it on the hidden side of the handle.

Stainless steel door handles and door levers can be cleaned with:

  • soap
  • water
  • mild detergents or mild cleaning agents
  • mild cleaning agents with a diluted ammonia solution
  • a mixture of vinegar and oil (for stubborn stains)
  • soda water
  • polishing agents (for polished handles)

For cleaning, you can use:

  • the soft side of a cleaning sponge
  • damp or dry cloths
  • paper towels
  • brushes with nylon bristles
Never clean stainless steel door handles or door levers with:

  • hydrochloric acid found in some cleaning agents for brick walls, tiles and concrete
  • cleaning agents containing chlorine (such as bleach) or chloride solutions
  • cleaning agents for cement stains
  • soap concentrates
  • cleaning pastes and powders with abrasive additives
  • oven cleaners
  • cleaning compounds for silver and brass
  • water from wells (due to high iron content).

When cleaning, never use:

  • the rough side of a cleaning sponge made of iron fibres or steel wool
  • steel wool used to remove stubborn stains from dishes
  • sharp metal objects or razors
  • brushes with firm bristles

Glass inserts

A glass inserts on the door handles should be cleaned using only ordinary salammoniac-free glass cleaners. Apply some cleaner onto a paper towel or the soft side of a sponge, clean the insert, wipe it with a damp cloth, and dry it. In addition to cloths, you can use soft sponges and leather. Some people still swear by cleaning glass surfaces with newspaper, but we do not recommend this as it can leave stains on the glass.

Stubborn dirt can be cleaned with acetone or methylated spirit, but you will have to clean the glass with water and wipe it dry afterwards. Avoid cleaning in strong sunlight, as stains may remain on the insert.

The use of abrasive cleaners with aggressive ingredients and sponges made of iron fibres or steel wool is prohibited. Never use alkaline lye, acids or fluoride-containing cleaners to clean the glass. Also avoid using metal objects or razors, as this will damage the surface and its appearance.

Cleaning and maintenance of glass inserts on inox door handle for front doors - Griffing

Wooden inserts

Wooden inserts on the door handles are lacquered and thus protected. However, caution is still necessary. To prevent a wooden insert from changing its shine and colour, it is recommended to clean it with warm water, soap or a mild detergent applied to the soft side of a sponge or a textile cloth.

After cleaning, the insert should be washed with clean water and wiped dry. You can also use special cleaners for wooden surfaces and clean stubborn stains with the soft side of a sponge on which you have applied a drop of olive oil.

The use of abrasive cleaners with aggressive ingredients (including glass cleaners) is prohibited. Metal brushes, the rough side of a sponge and wire sponges are also not to be used. Be careful not to rub the insert with a sharp object or clean it with a razor as it will lead to scratches and surface damage.

Cleaning and maintenance of wooden inserts on inox door handle for front doors - Griffing

Aluminium inserts

Aluminium inserts on the door handles can be cleaned regularly with clean water and a minimal addition of pH-neutral or alkaline cleaners. If you do use a cleaning fluid, we recommend applying it with a cloth or sponge, then carefully cleaning the insert. After cleaning, be sure to wash the insert with clean cold water and wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

Stubborn stains can also be cleaned with non-aromatic solvents based on petrol hydrocarbons, then washed immediately with clean cold water. Cleaning is recommended at moderate outdoor temperatures not exceeding 25 °C.

Never use abrasive cleaners with aggressive ingredients such as acids, cleaners with basic pH values, diluents, organic solvents, alcohols, fragrances and similar compounds. Cleaning with metal brushes is also prohibited. Failure to comply with the instructions can cause damage to the lacquered aluminium surface.

Cleaning and maintenance of aluminium inserts on inox door handle for front doors - Griffing

Fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner on the door handles will require cleaning every once in a while, as otherwise fingerprint recognition problems may occur. Clean it with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Another option is a mild surface cleaner and a soft cloth, however, never use cleansing milk, cleansing wipes, aggressive cleaners or polishing pastes or acids, as the fingerprint scanner may stop working. Before cleaning the fingerprint scanner in the handle, review the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer of the fingerprint scanner.

Cleaning and maintenance of fingeprint scanner on inox door handle for front doors - Griffing