Griffing front door hardware (door/pull handles, door levers, mounts, spindles, rosettes, escutcheons etc.) are made with a high degree of precision and quality. They are recognised in the market for their technological perfection and artistic design.

The stainless steel used is certified by European suppliers and is of very high quality.

The proof of quality is supported by an extremely low claim rate (approximately 0.04% for more than 400,000 door handles and 800,000 mounts). Because we believe in the quality, sturdiness and usability of our products, we offer a warranty.

The warranty applies to companies and retailers from the date of the Griffing delivery form.

We recognise the following warranty for our products:

  • Lifetime on the functionality and technical performance of the product (assuming the buyer follows the instructions for installation, care and maintenance);
  • Five years on the appearance and LED strips (assuming the buyer follows the instructions for care and maintenance).

The warranty includes free assistance for the elimination of defects or replacement of missing parts. Troubleshooting on site and the incurred costs are not covered by warranty.

The guarantee applies only to defects and deficiencies that can be proven to be the fault of the manufacturer.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • If the product has been improperly stored or negligently handled before being mounted on the door (storage without protective packaging in a damp or wet environment with exposure to moisture and dirt).
  • If the product was not inspected immediately upon delivery, as provided by the Code of Obligations and the retailer was not immediately informed of an obvious defect (e.g. if the product was delivered, placed in a warehouse without inspection and then later found to be damaged or defective when finally unpacked).
  • If installation or mounting of a product has not been carried out according to the manufacturer’s recommendation or if installation was carried out in an unprofessional manner or by an unqualified person.
  • If a product has been ordered and delivered and the manufacturer finds it to be unsuitable or functionally inadequate for the door after the expiry of the statutory inspection period.
  • If the product has been damaged as a result of installation or delivery.
  • If the product was first installed on one door and then moved to another.
  • If the product was damaged by the effects of construction or construction fluids (e.g. because of water running down the façade or if the product was damaged during construction of the façade or other interventions after the product was installed on the building).
  • If visual defects on the surface are not clearly visible to the naked eye in diffuse daylight at a distance of 2 metres in accordance with the guidelines of the PfB Rosenheim Institute.
  • If visual defects that can occur because of polishing or colouring are not clearly visible to the naked eye in diffuse daylight at a distance of 2 metres in accordance with the guidelines of the PfB Rosenheim Institute.
  • If the care and maintenance advice included on the warranty, which the buyer must pass on to the end customer, has not been followed, or if the product has not been maintained.
  • If the product is defective due to combination with fittings from other manufacturers.
  • If the buyer has, either by themselves or through a third party, treated the product afterwards (carried out surface treatments such as sanding, polishing, colouring or in any way altered the appearance and functionality of the product). If a need arises for the customer or a third party to process the surface, the manufacturer’s written consent must be obtained.
  • If the product has been damaged as a result of force majeure (e.g. flood, hail, ice storm, earthquake, fire).
  • If a written warranty claim has not been sent to the manufacturer within the specified warranty period.
  • If the recommendations for acid-resistant stainless steel (A4/EN 1.4404 / AISI 316 L) were not followed and a conventional stainless steel product (A2/EN 1.4305 / AISI 304 L) has been installed in an area with a high salt air content (by the sea or in areas where air is affected by the sea), in the vicinity of swimming pools or busy roads that are often salted in winter or exposed to smog. For these areas, it is recommended to choose acid-resistant A4 stainless steel with a polished surface treatment. Find out more about choosing the right type of stainless steel here.
  • If the LED strip has been connected to the wrong voltage (e.g. if the 12 V strip has been connected to 24 V). There is a label on the cables indicating the voltage, which must be checked before connecting to the mains.

Products cannot be returned for defects caused by end-users. The warranty only applies to products made by Griffing and not to products supplied to Griffing by other manufacturers (e.g. ekey, Navkom or other fingerprint scanners). Warranties for these supplied products are published by their respective manufacturers.

Warranty instructions are published on the website, along with instructions for installation and instruction for care and maintenance.

The warranty is valid only on presentation of the original invoice and a duly completed claim form.

The warranty can be claimed via e-mail sales@griffing.si.

Claim form

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Installation instructions

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Care and maintenance instructions

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